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Ivy House School

Working together to;
Inspire, Nurture, Empower

School Life

Ivy House is a happy, supportive and purposeful environment where pupils are nurtured, praised and acknowledged for who they are, the skills they acquire and the tasks they accomplish.

Our pupils like to come to school. They are justifiably proud of what they achieve and enjoy celebrating not only their own successes but also those of their friends and other peers from across the school.

We have a highly motivated, professional and well trained team of staff who work collaboratively with parents, carers and other professionals to ensure that all aspects of our offer meet the needs of each of our pupils.

Ivy House truly prides itself on being a school;

Where Every Child Matters

which is crucial to the nurture and development of the whole child.

We encourage the development of a range of life skills at an individual level,


  • communication
  • physical
  • cognition
  • inter-personal and independence

There are many opportunities to develop formal skills too alongside the exploration of creativity and this is delivered appropriately for individual pupils.

We aspire to provide each child with a wide range of experiences, which will enrich their time with us and challenge them to succeed. We recognise that children learn and achieve at all levels and we celebrate this diversity throughout the year, with both families and friends of Ivy House.

Please feel free to contact us for any further information.

Ian Armstrong | Interim Headteacher