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Pupil Voice

At Ivy House school, 'pupil voice' is about giving our pupils the opportunities to share their views, their feelings and their learning, and be enabled to communicate them, whether that be by spoken word, signing, symbols, gesture, AAC or combination of any of these. At the root of all of this, to ensure pupil voice is relevant and meaningful, are strong relationships with our staff. We get to know our pupils really well so we can understand how they best learn, how they can best communicate and how best to facilitate opportunities to share their news, views, and feelings.

We have a school council, which includes a representative from all classes across the school. This enables students to be part of key decisions within the school, such as playground development and the student library.


The below responses are taken from the Spring 2022 student survey.

  • 100% of students said they were happy in school

 “I have always loved coming school” “I really like school”

  • 100% of students said they felt safe in school
  • 92% of students said they enjoyed learning in school

“I like using my communication aid” “I like new topics and remembering and recalling old topics” “I love my communication aid”

  • 100% of students said they felt staff helped them to learn in school
  • 100% of students said they had a friend in school
  • 84% of students said the school supports them to stay healthy (physical exercise, eating and drinking, hygiene)

What students said they enjoyed most about coming to school:

“Playing” “Art, Tac Pac, Story massage, sound bath, when Geoff comes to class and sings, numeracy, Horrid Henry, having turns on YouTube, playing interactive games with my friends” “I enjoy coming to school with his friends” “Hydro” “Being with friends” “Music, snack time hand massage” “I like seeing my friends” “Tac Pac, different lands, Maths, Sound Bath, Personal Care” “I am happy”

What students said were their favourite activities:

“Swimming” “Sound bath, playing interactive games with my friends” “Hydro and communication aid” “Hydro. Powered wheelchair. Lessons. Worker of the week” “Music” “Themed activities, swimming, music” “Tac Pac” “Communication aid, Lessons, hydro, eating, spending time with friends”