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MOVE Week 2018

Between Monday 4th June and Friday 8th June, Ivy House joined in with the National MOVE Day 2018. This year's theme was the Circus and it provided use with a great opportunity to celebrate our children's achievements through the use of the MOVE programme in a very creative way!



The staff and MOVE team in school worked really hard to ensure that there were plenty of opportunities for all class groups to join in with exciting activities related to the circus; including juggling, clown skills and experiencing the sights and sounds that you might expect from the big top. The final day resulted in an actual circus visiting the school and delivering a 50 minute spectacular for families and our children. This included an acrobat and our very own MOVE children helping with plate spinning!

The week was a HUGE success and the feedback from the children and families has been very positive. Please have a look at the photos below to see a sample of some of the activities that we got up to during the week ( a video will be appearing soon).


Circus skills in school














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