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Assessment Results

Ivy House School is required to publish the end of year attainment for pupils within school. Teachers and class staff work together throughout the year to ensure that we have an accurate picture of pupil progress at every level.

There is currently a National review of special school assessment, being led by central Government. It is proposed that individual schools should create their own assessment systems involving the following principles:

  1. Give reliable information to parents about how their child, and their child’s school, is performing.
  2. Help drive improvement for pupils and teachers.
  3.  Make sure the school is keeping up with external best practice and innovation.

This follows the guidance set out in the recently published Rochford Review and a finalised approach will be confirmed in due course. For the moment, Ivy House School are continuing to use EHCP Outcomes and P Levels as a way of measuring progress.

 How do we assess learning?

  • The principle of assessment is to check and identify what a child understands and what they need to learn next.
  • We assess learning on a daily basis and lesson by lesson.
  • Progress is checked on a termly basis by the teacher and a member of the Senior Leadership Team.
  • Individual targets are set for the end of each year and end of each Key Stage.
  • Every child will receive a written report during the year surrounding their progress, as well as having an Individual Education Plan created each term.
  • The IEP will link to the 'Longer Term Outcomes' identified on the Education, Health & Care Plan.
  • There are 2 Parent and Teacher Meetings scheduled throughout the year to discuss each child’s progress.
  • The school currently uses P Levels to assess children's progress and this is inputted onto a system called CASPA (Comparison & Analysis of Special Pupil Attainment). This system analyses anonymous pupil progress of a national group of children.

Please click to see our results and contact the school for further information:

Whole School Assessment Overview (2019-2020)

The school also holds information for progress and attainment at the end of each Key Stage. However, there are 5 or fewer pupils within the relevant year groups and so we avoid making these figures public to protect individual privacy. This is in line with guidance from the Department for Education. Please contact Gary Coffey (Headteacher) to request this information if required.

  • Key Stage 1 (Year 2) Assessment Results 
  • Key Stage 2 (Year 6) Assessment Results 
  • Key Stage 3 (Year 9) Assessment Results
  • Key Stage 4 (Year 11) Assessment Results

You can also find out more information about the school's national performance by clicking the link below. Please note that this link is maintained by the DfE and not Ivy House School: