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Communication & Interaction

At Ivy House School we have an Immersive Communication approach, providing a holistic language and symbol rich environment where pupils can use a variety of approaches to develop their communication skills and have a powerful ‘voice’ in and out of school.

All students need a voice and a way of communicating their needs, thoughts and feelings. The development of skills in communicating and interacting with others are developed in various ways at Ivy House School.

When students first enter the school, they are given the opportunity to experience a range of communication approaches, which are further developed into a preferred method as they move through the school with an increased focus on them being able to use this independently. It is vital that the communication approaches we use can be transferred into the home and community so that all students can express their wants and needs at an appropriate level in order to give them appropriate control of the world around them.



AAC Approaches

Intensive Interaction