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Calke Class

Welcome to the Home Learning page for Calke Class.

Your child's class teacher is: Jo Willoughby


You can email Jo on  

We encourage you to send in photos of your child learning at home and completing the activities that have been set. We really enjoy seeing and celebrating the great things that you're doing as a family. 

Feburary 2021 (Half Term 4)

Calke Home Learning Overview Spring 2

Calke Spring 2 - Oak National Academy Links


Moving On Curriculum - Science - The Human Body

Human Body Main Session

Human Body Symbols

Human Body (PowerPoint)


Senses Main Session (PowerPoint)

Senses Symbols


Animal Symbols


Moving On Curriculum - World Studies - Emergencies 

Emergencies (PowerPoint)

Emergency Symbols


Personal, Social and Emotional - Massage

Massage (PowerPoint)

Massage Symbols


Personal, Social and Emotional - Personal Care

Personal Care (PowerPoint)

Personal Care Symbols


January 2021 (Half Term 3)

The class team have set the following activities for you and your child to complete at home. If you have any questions about this, or would like to know more information, then please email Jo on the address above. 

Please click the link below to download the file.

Calke Home Learning Overview January 2021Oak National Links (External)


Equals: Essential Curriculum - Literacy

Rewriting The Bear Hunt (PowerPoint)

Edible Chocolate Play Dough Recipe

Bear Crisp Hunt (Sensory)Bear Hunt Symbols


Moving on Curriculum: Humanities - Notable People
Notable Local People (PowerPoint)

Notable People Symbols


Moving on Curriculum : Science - Forces

Forces (PowerPoint)

Forces Symbols


Personal, Social & EmotionalSensory Massage (PowerPoint)

Personal Care (PowerPoint)

Massage Symbols

Personal Care Symbols